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N series DTH hammer

N series high pressure DTH impactor with nylon tube 

 At the same time, the reliability and long life of our DTH drill are our products that demonstrate their advantages. Impactor and bit In all industrial equipment, the working environment is the worst, and the work process has uncontrollable and unpredictable. With its high precision of the internal parts, the weight and the processing quality of each part of the impactor are ensured by the new diamond. The good lubrication conditions can greatly improve the efficiency, stability and life of the impactor. New diamond DTH percussion device is mainly used in hydrology and water well drilling, non-core geological drilling, geological disaster prevention and control projects and drilling and other fields. Suitable for use in pebbles and hard rock formations. Drills with special structures can also be used in soft soils. ROP is generally much higher than the hydraulic impactor drilling, but need to be equipped with larger capacity air compressor, fuel consumption, noise, dust pollution. Drilling depth by the groundwater level, the greater the impact of water.

It is a kind of valveless high air pressure DTH hammer with foot valve.It has the following advantages:

The main features are as following:

   1.Valveless air distribution.More reliable.

   2.Simple design of the piston.long life span.

   3.More effcient energy transfer,faster drilling speed,lower air consumption and lower oil consumption.

   4.Fewer intemal parts,simple structure,long life span,less failure and easier to maintain because all the parts are heat trated.

   5.Easy to disassemble because the top sub,the drive chuck and the extemal cyinder are connected by muitiple steps thread.

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